Rome in 3D – Templum Divorum reconstruction

Templum Divorum – a complex in the Campus Martius, built by the emperor Domitian to honor his deified father Vespasian and brother Titus. Consisted on large 3-sided portico, entered at the north through an elaborate triple arch, and inside a pair of small temples faced each other. This complex seemed to have replaced the Villa Publica.

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Anyone “raised Catholic” would have seen that most of the statues and reliefs in the churches were painted. Could it be that when the Roman government abandoned the city for Milan, Trier and Constantinople, and the Popes undertook the administration of central Italy, when adorning new churches, they simply continued painting statues as had always been done since Greek times ? Did this practice just continue through the Dark and Middle Ages into the Renaissance and beyond. Even the plaster statues we had at home of Mary, Jesus and the saints were colored. You can buy them today.
Just a thought I’ve had ever since the spotlight on classical statues being painted emerged in the last decade or so.
Just go into any older ROMAN Catholic church.
I, as many others, really enjoy your Following Hanrian series.

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