“HISTORY IN 3D” recreates the real faces for the ancient Rome greatest dynasty: VIDEO

Today, on the birthday of the roman emperor and famous philosopher Marcus Aurelius, I am happy to present a new video of our project “Romans in color”, which is dedicated to the recreation of the sculptural and real appearance of the famous people of ancient Rome. Today video is about the members of the greatest Roman dynasty – the Antonines. Under their rule, the empire reached its heyday and peak of its power.

Generally, our “Romans in color” project have two goals:
– to recreate the possible or/and even true colors the ancient sculptures initially had;
-and to attempt to recreate how the famous Romans might look like in real life. We’re using modern ITtechnologies for it, as well as the ancient sources about the actual apperance of the certain people.
And here is the reconstruction of the full-height sculptures of 4 famous roman Emperors from Antonine dynasty, how they actually should look like, when they were painted:

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