Detailed Rome in 3D reconstruction, with correct colours – 2023 year progress

This past year, we continued to move towards our goal – creating the most detailed, accurate and complete virtual 3D reconstruction of ancient Rome. Let me remind you that, first of all, we are recreating the appearance of the Eternal City as it was in the 4th century CE, at the turn of the pagan and Christian eras.

All main results of this 2023 year work and the progress of “Rome in 3D” project is represented in our new Youtube video:

We’ve improved the reconstruction of the religious center of Rome – the Capitoline Hill. Its top was a sacred place – Area Capitolina. Many temples, altars and sanctuaries were concentrated here. The huge temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus dominated all these buildings. This temple was rebuilt several times, the last time it was under Domitian at the end of the 1st century CE. It was richly decorated, and its golden roof shone far and wide:

Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus behind the portico
Area Capitolina

Now we will show the reconstructions of 2 wonderful buildings that we did this year. Both buildings were located on Via Sacra.

The first interior is the western cella of the temple of Venus and Roma, with a statue of the goddess Roma. The interior of the temple was richly decorated with marble and porphyry. The goddess Roma sat on a high pedestal, in her right hand she holds a spear, and in her left hand a sphere and winged Victory:

Temple of Venus and Roma western facade
Temple of Venus and Roma interior. Western cella with Roma goddess.

The 2nd interior is the basilica of Maxentius. The main place here is occupied by the famous colossus of Constantine, located in the western apse. The statue was converted from a statue of Maxentius, which had previously been converted from an Antonine era statue. This basilica was a very important building of its time and therefore was built on a grand scale and decorated with expensive and varied materials. We paid special attention to the reconstruction of the marble facing of the basilica as well as recreating the splendor of its exquisite ceiling:

Basilica of Maxentius interior
Basilica of Maxentius amazing details

Much attention has been paid to the surrounding buildings of the Colosseum. First of all, we created a new edition for the conical fountain of Meta Sudans:

Meta Sudans fountain

And here is the portico of the Baths of Titus, which were built at the same time as the Colosseum. It is significantly improved by adding new realistic sculptures and materials:

Baths of Titus portico
Baths of Titus portico

The façade of the Colosseum itself has been completely updated in our project, and has been recreated with every possible attention to detail in architecture and materials. You can see all four tiers in sequence, which are made in the Doric (Tuscan), Ionic and Corinthian orders:

Colosseum, facade details

The 3D reconstruction of Ludus Magnus has also been completely re-done, as well as a semicircular nymphaeum on the corner of the near street, which was called Caput Africae:

Ludus Magnus from air
Ludus Magnus Arena
Semicircular nymphaeum at the corner of the Caput Africae street

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