Rome in 3D

What is our “Rome in 3D” project in general? Broadly speaking, it is an attempt to give you an opportunity to take a look at Rome as it really was, by the eyes of humans who lived there in that time. Due to this, we are already paying much attention (and will proceed) to the level of details, adding realistic materials, colors, visual and weather effects. That’s why we are concentrating just on the center of the Rome for now, just to focus on quality and details.

Now we are planning to add a little additional territory (such as Circus Maximus, Velabrum area), and release our project as a 3d walkthrough application. I hope we will be able to complete it in a year approximately.

Boasting some impressive in-video lighting features, the animation focuses on the monumental scale that was flaunted by Rome during its apical architectural stage. And furthermore according to  the animators of this video – this movie is just a promo, with the entire scope (which took years to animate) to be inducted into a game engine that would be accessible to the interested people.

Baths of Caracalla

The « History in 3D » creative team continues working on a virtual reconstruction of ancient Rome. Our goal is to carry out this project at a new qualitative level using modern available data and technical capabilities. Some time ago, three video trailers about Rome in 3D reconstruction have already been released on our YouTube channel, representing the various stages of work on the reconstruction. Since the recent video was released, a lot of work has been done to update and expand the content, and we believe that the project has been transformed crucially and reached a new level of quality.

Here, our 3rd trailer about Colosseum district: