Ancient Greece Famous Sites Recreated in 3D – VIDEO

Anyone who admires ancient Rome cannot help but admire ancient Greece. For the Romans, there was no concept of ‘Greek’ culture and science, but simply culture and science, for they appeared in Greece, in the modern sense of the word. Rome, of course, was not just a copycat, as they often try to demonstrate in Internet memes now. Both Rome and Greece are organic and inseparable parts of a single Roman heritage, where one stems from the other.

Therefore, I think it is not surprising that our team pays attention to the reconstruction of the famous places of ancient Greece. Today I present a video trailer about 9 such famous places. More detailed stories about each of them will be released soon.

  1. Tiryns

The legendary archaic walled city in Argolis, famous in ancient times for its cyclopean walls and tunnels. In the era of classical Greece, it was already abandoned and laid in ruins.

2. Mycenae

The great city, known to many from the works of Homer, and the former capital of the legendary king Agamemnon. Here he is shown during his heyday in the 2nd millennium BC. Descriptions of its ruins have come down to us, made in Roman times by the traveler Pausanias, in the 2nd century AD, and they are strikingly close to what we can see today.

3. Heraion of Argos

Not far from Mycenae there was a large sanctuary dedicated to Hera. It occupied the top of a hill and made a majestic impression. Known back in the era of Homer, it functioned until the very end of the pagan period.

4. Epidaurus

An ancient health-improving complex, which was at the same time the sanctuary of Asclepius, the legendary god-healer. This complex was famous not only in Greece, but throughout the ancient world, and continued to actively function and develop in Roman times. Here, one of the most famous and well-preserved ancient Greek theaters with unique acoustics, is located.

5. Messini

A great city in the Peloponnese that rivaled Sparta. It experienced a real second flourishing in the Roman era, and in its size and population was comparable to Athens itself.

6. Sparta

The legendary city, presented in our reconstruction as of the 2nd century AD, that is, already in Roman times. We know practically nothing about how he looked in the classical era.

7. Corinth

The great city, destroyed by the Romans in II BC, and revived again by them a century later. It was the capital of Roman Greece. Here he is also shown as it was in Roman times. From the classical period, only the Doric temple of Apollo remained.

8. Olympia

One of the most famous sanctuaries of the ancient world, the site of the Olympic Games, which lasted until the end of the 4th century AD. It was here, in the temple of Zeus, that one of the wonders of the world was located – a colossal statue of Zeus by Phidias.

Temple of Zeus in Olympia

Let’s go inside the temple:

Statue of Zeus in Olympia – one of the Seven Wonders

9. Athens

Reconstruction of the Athenian acropolis as it looked in the classical era, at the time of Pericles. The Parthenon appears here in its original grandeur, in the splendor of its sculptures and colors.

In the video below you can see all these famous locations, and soon, as already noted, we will begin to release more detailed tours for each of them. Enjoy!

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