“Rome in 3D” reboot – detailed reconstruction of the City center

After a relatively long pause, we’re returning to the “Rome in 3D” project. During the last months, as we all know, not everything went as we initially planned. But we did not abandon the project despite the difficulties. Today, I want to share a first intro to the Rome project in a new form. To a certain degree, it is the reboot of the project, since many objects were replaced and remodelled completely, and the whole project has been moved to the new game engine.

Today, you can watch the first trailer, which can give you the common imagination about the amount of work done during the last year:

Also, let’s take a look at some more detailed images showing panoramas and several important locations of the Eternal City, as it probably look like in 320 AD. First, you can observe the Rome center from the roof of the famous baths of Trajan, which stood on the Oppian hill. From here uou can see Amphiteater (Colosseum), as well as Colossus Solis, temple of Venus and Roma, palaces and temples of Palatine hill. In the center of the picture, behind the Trajan’b baths library, you can see temples of Jupiter Optimus Maximus and Juno Moneta on Capitoline hill. A little to the right, you can see the basilica Ulpia and Trajan’s Column. And at the right edge, on the Quirinal, you can see the temple of Hercules and Dionysus, and the baths of Constantine:

Then, let’s move down to the “Colosseum” and have a look from the from a height of human growth. Thus, we can get some idea of the scale of the amphitheater, Colosus Solis and the temple of Venus and Roma (behind the Colossus). And in the distance, you can see the Arch of Constantine (recently built ), which we will explore in detail in one of the following posts:

Now, like a bird, we will soar into the sky, and fly around the center of Rome in an arc from the northeast, passing Viminal and Quirinal to the Capitoline hill. Flying over the Viminale, let’s look to the left and see a majestic panorama from the “Colosseum” to the Capitol. In the distance, magnificent palaces and forums are visible. And below us is the cramped residential area of Suburra:

After flying a little further, we find ourselves on the Quirinal Hill. Let’s take a look at the City from here. In the distance, to the left of the “Colosseum”, we see the baths of Trajan, from where we started our journey, and behind them on the horizon are the Alban Hills:

Now we have reached the northern top of the Capitol, from here, from the so-called Arx (citadel), we can see the Albanus Mons, where the temple of Jupiter Latiaris was located. We are standing on a platform (Auguraculum) from where augurs often watched the flights of birds (auspicium). And just below us – the Forum Romanum, the heart of the Eternal City:

At the end of our short trip, we will go down to the Forum and look at its monuments and temples in the rays of the setting Sun:

Thank you for travelling with us in Rome today! Soon you will be able to explore all these locations. I will procceed with posting a series of posts images and videos, where we will take a look at Rome buildings more detaily, with comments and descriptions. Also, I’ll regularly inform you about the progress of the “Rome in 3D” project. Thank you and stay with us!


[…] Llamado «Historia en 3D», el proyecto da vida a los lugares y carreteras por los que Roma es tan famosa, dándote una «vista de pájaro», por así decirlo, de los edificios y vías que una vez dominaron esta antigua ciudad. En 2019, el equipo ideó la primera reconstrucción 3D policromada del mundo de la Columna de Trajano, así como una serie de retratos antiguos ahora en color. […]

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