It has been 10 years since I dedicated my life to historical 3D reconstruction and 8 of them are the activities of our creative team “History in 3D”. During this time, we have created dozens of reconstructions relating to various historical eras and to different regions of the world. Some of them are widely known and recognized. These are reconstruction of Corinth, Sevastopol, and especially series of videos about the reconstruction of ancient Rome.

“History in 3D” is a team of enthusiasts from various professional fields, united by one common desire – to revive the story, return it to us. By using the newest technologies, we want to touch the world that passed, walk along those streets, and understand how it could actually look like. We want to see it ourselves and show it to you. Therefore, we always strive to apply new opportunities and knowledge in our reconstructions. Our work is not something frozen and final. We are always open to any positive criticism, since it allows us to get closer to a true understanding of how this or that object actually looked.

Now we are working on several projects, but the Rome in 3D project has become and will remain our main one. We want to create the most complete, reliable and detailed reconstruction of the great city. We are open to any suggestions on how to do this in the best way.

Over the past 2019, a lot of work has been done on 3D modeling and the study of historical heritage. The main achievement was the creation of the world’s first fully polychrome 3D reconstruction of the column of Trajan, which will take its place in our 3D reconstruction of Rome. We have also created a series of reconstructions of antique portraits in color, and this experience will also be used to show how the statues of ancient Rome actually looked.

We hope that 2020 will be decisive for our projects. For the first time we’re planning to release virtual applications that will allow you to walk along the streets of ancient cities and palaces. And the first of them will be walkthrough application of terms of Caracalla. And in just a few days you will be able to see our new reconstruction of one of the greatest Roman imperial palaces.

We are grateful to our growing public for supporting our work! Stay with us and we can relive the history together!

Your “History in 3D” team.

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