Baths of Caracalla – then and now

The creative team History in 3D continues to work with its main project – Rome in 3D. This activity applies to both the creation and addition of new locations, as well as the improvement, refinement and correction of existing ones.

So, today we will show you the progress of our project using the example of the baths of Caracalla. In the images you can see a photo of the ruins, as well as a reconstruction of how it looked a year ago and how it looks at the moment. These images represent the south facade of the baths of Caracalla, with the big rotunda in the center – the caldarium, the hall with the hot water basins.

Also you can see the same view of baths of Caracalla on the etching from “Vestigi di Roma”, by Etienne Duperac, 1575. 2 pictures of it were merged and painted by our team. You can compare it with the present view from the same angle. The main difference is the 3rd pillar of the caldarium no longer exists:

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