TWILIGHT OF ROME – The Eternal City at the peak of its glory.

Our History in 3D creative team continues to work on our main project – Rome in 3D. The recent few months have been very productive and we are close to completing the extensive 3D reconstruction of the entire center of the ancient city.

This new video about ancient Rome from our History in 3D creative team shows the Eternal City at the peak of its glory. This 3D reconstruction was made with a high level of detail and accuracy, in accordance with all the latest historical researches. Relatively soon the reconstructions of some most famous Roman buildings and the entire city center will be available for review as virtual applications.

Moreover, in the near future there will be more video about monuments of Rome – imperial forums, baths etc. There I’ll give more information about the project and the historical background of the buildings. Our videos will become much more informative soon!

Rome. Forum Romanum and Capitoline hill, 320 AD

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