Rome in 3D – 8 minute aerial flight over the center of the Etеrnal City

Our new video will clearly show you the progress that we have made so far. The year 2022 is drawing to a close and it’s time to take stock. I am pleased to note that the last year was very fruitful, and the total area of ​​that part of Rome, which we restored in 3D, has increased by about 3 times and already accounts for more than 40% of the entire area of ​​the Eternal City, which it was in late antiquity in within the walls of Aurelian.

At the same time, we have replaced many of the existing 3D models with more accurate and high-quality ones, for example, the Divine Trajan’s temple at his Forum, the theater of Marcellus, as well as most of the Forum Romanum. And in the near future, new and even more interesting updates are waiting for you!

“Rome in 3D” project current progress. Made by “History in 3D”.

And today I invite you to look at our reconstruction of the Eternal City from the air! I provide a list of routes that are shown in the video:

  1. General view from the east. The camera then descends, flying first over the Colosseum, and then along the route of the Via Sacra, over the golden roof of the Temple of Venus and Roma, then the basilica of Maxentius, and the Forum Romanum itself. The camera stops in front of the Capitolium and the Temple of Jupiter.
  2. The camera flies in the opposite direction. It starts from the northern end of the Capitolium (Arx), and flies across the Via Sacra from west to east, approaches the Colosseum, and then moves away from it to the south. To the left of the Colosseum we can see the Arch of Constantine, and behind it the statue of the Colossus.
  3. We start from the southern facade of the Baths of Caracalla (we see a massive rotunda of hot baths), then we fly over the area of the old and new Via Appia. Further, the camera follows through the Circus Maximus, over which the huge Palatine imperial palaces rise to the right. Next, the camera flies between the Palatine and the Capitolium over the Velabrum area, then crosses the Forum Romanum, the forums of Caesar and Augustus, and we finally approach the baths of Constantine and the colossal temple on the Quirinal hill.
  4. The route begins with an imposing panoramic view of Rome from the south, with the Capitolium in front and the Tiber river below. We follow the river, fly past the island of Tiberina, then go around the theater of Marcellus, the Capitoline hill, and the temple of the Divine Trajan from the west. The camera then zooms in between the basilica Ulpia (golden roof either) and the Trajan markets, leaving the forums of Augustus and Nerva on the right. The camera turns around over the Forum of Peace and we see the Capitolium temples in the distance.
  5. We fly through our entire 3D reconstruction from west to east, starting from the complex of mills on the Janiculum, and following the Trastevere (Transtiberim) region, the Tiber River, Velabrum, Forum Romanum, Nerva and Peace, Suburra region. Finally, we reach the baths of Trajan, and see the Colosseum to the south of them.
  6. You start moving from the eastern part of the City, we fly near the Colosseum, leaving the baths of Titus and Trajan on the right. Further we follow over the temple of the Tellus (Earth), leave the basilica of Maxentius on the left, and fly over the imperial Forums. Leaving the forum of Trajan on the right, we see an imposing panorama of the Campus Martius and the Via Lata (Via del Corso nowadays). We see the Temple of Isis, the Septa Juliua, and finally the camera stops over the Baths of Agrippa, and behind them is the gilded dome of the Pantheon.
  7. And finally, we make a full 360 degree circle around the entire 3D reconstruction in a clockwise direction, starting from the Porta Flaminia (Piazza Del Popolo nowadays) in the north of the City, and ending at the same point, but with a view of the entire panorama of the Eternal City from a height.

Hope you enjoy it! Follow our updates, lots of new interesting content to be appeared soon!


terrific! splendid! and thanks for the detailed description of the camera pathways. one more thing would help: maps of the pathways. since I don’t know the names of most of these structures it would help to see maps– Thanks!

This is truly an extraordinary result for both its accuracy and its extension. I highly hope that one day it’ll be possible to walk in this model in both walking and flying modes.

Hi I’m a student in art history and archology and I’m doing a paper on the Pantheon.
On my researchs they speak about a stagnum and the first roman thermal baths near the Pantheon in the campus martius. Is it real or false infos because I don’t see it on your 3D map (wish will help me a lot for my presantation with credit to you of course !)

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